Thames Coast Kiwi Care

Tukua te kiwi kia tupu, tukua te kiwi kia ora

Helping Wild Kiwi Thrive

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To hear kiwi calling from our back yards once again.


The Thames Coast and wider community are working towards sustaining and growing a small remnant population of Coromandel brown kiwi by protecting juvenile kiwi from predators. The long term project will also enhance the habitat for other native birds and wildlife.

We want to share our success and raise awareness of Aotearoa New Zealand's taonga and national icon. So come with us on our journey to protect this precious pocket of kiwi in Te Mata.

TCKC has a grid of approx 800 traps targeting stoats, weasels, ferrets & feral cats over 4000 ha. A team of committed volunteer trappers service and re-bait these traps at least 16 times per year.

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We hope that the call of the kiwi will one day again be common place along the Thames Coast.

This is becoming a reality for the lucky residents of Te Mata as they regularly find kiwi prints in the area and are hearing kiwi calling from their backyards.

Kiwi calling.mp3

Listen to the call of kiwi

The first call is a female followed by a male.

Notice the very stark difference between the two.

Ruru cree.mp3

This is one of the Ruru calls often mistaken for a kiwi (cree)

Ruru mewing.mp3

This also is a Ruru - mewing