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Buoys from the mussel farms in the firth that wash up on the Thames Coast can be salvaged, cleaned and dropped off at the Kuyper residence in Te Mata.

John & Noleen stockpile the buoys in their front yard.  The mussel farm companies come and collect them paying $15 for each buoy returned.

The Kuypers generously donate all the proceeds of this scheme to Thames Coast Kiwi Care which adds up to be a significant contribution to our project.

So next time you find a mussel buoy, grab it, clean it off (being sure not to leave any rope on the beach!) and drop it off at the address below.

This is a fantastic way you can help TCKC’s kiwi recovery project on the Thames Coast.

Contact Noleen & John Kuyper

904 Thames Coast Road, Te Mata

Phone 027 2002 298

John and Noleen Kuyper with a stack of mussel buoys
John and Noleen Kuyper