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1: Te Mata Wild Kiwi Experience for two people

  • An amazing once-in-a-lifetime wild kiwi encounter in the Te Mata Forest (Thames Coast) with Thames Coast Kiwi Care kiwi handler Neil and our coordinator Sheena. During the 21/22 Operation Nest Egg Season (ONE) you will get an opportunity to be up close to a wild kiwi while our kiwi handler lifts eggs for operation nest egg and does a kiwi transmitter change.

  • This experience will require good fitness, able to navigate bush inclines and banks. The date of the experience needs to be arranged around kiwi incubations and lifting of eggs, (during November or December 2021 or Jan to March 2022). Egg lifts from kiwi may occur on any day of the week so attendance needs participants to be flexible. The date of experience will be confirmed within approximately 10 days of the anticipated egg lift.

2: Kiwi Chick Incubation Facility at Auckland Zoo for up to 6 people

  • A special and heart-warming experience to see a Te Mata kiwi chick up close, see kiwi eggs in their final stages of incubation, and be inspired by the great work Auckland Zoo does for kiwi recovery. Then spend the day exploring and enjoying the zoo with your friends and or whanau.

  • This experience is suitable for children over 5 and will need to be used over the kiwi chick season between November and March 2021/22. Times need to be arranged with Auckland Zoo and is dependent on chick hatching times.

3: Family Day out at Pukaha National Wildlife Center / captive breeding programme Mount Bruce for up to 6 people

  • A family tour pass x 2 adults and x 4 children at the Pūkaha Wildlife Center with a private 45-minute guided tour through the reserve. The package also includes a $30 lunch voucher at the Pūkana café + $100 worth of petrol vouchers and a white kiwi soft toy

  • Pūkaha / Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre is a captive breeding facility and visitor centre located in a protected forest area on State Highway 2 in New Zealand's Tararua district. The Mount Bruce reserve is a restored forest and captive breeding site, home to endangered wildlife such as brown kiwi, pāteke (brown duck), who (blue duck), takahē, kōkako, kākā, orange-fronted parakeet, tuturuatu (shore plover) and tuna (longfin eels). Expiry October 2022.

4: Exclusive Nocturnal Tour in the Mahakirau Forest Estate for 3 people

  • Thames Coast Kiwi Care is partnering with Mahakirau Forest Estate Society to bring you a magical wildlife experience. Three lucky winners will be guided by forest guardians Sara Smerdon [of Mahakirau] and Ric Balfour [of TCKC] for an evening of exploration and wonderment. 20yrs of pest control and restoration work the nightlife within the Mahakirau Estate is richly abundant and home to Archey's and Hochstetter's frogs, Coromandel's own elegant and elusive Striped gecko, Peripatus - the crazy blue 'velvet worm', the Forest Ringlet - a butterfly on the brink of extinction, to name a small selection of the rarities few people have ever seen. You may also hear a kiwi call out to his mates across the valley toward the TCKC project space - a mere 5km away.

  • Return transportation provided by Ric from Thames to the Mahakirau Sanctuary
    Light refreshments at the Community Hub with an informative image-rich presentation on the work of the Mahakirau Forest Estate Society.
    2+ hours venturing out in the forest after dark to get up close with some of Aotearoa's most endangered species.
    There's no expiration on your winning bid and we'll tailor the booking to suit you.