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TCKC Predator Control Co-ordinator


Downloadable copy of Job Description

  • Co-ordinate, empower and support our volunteers to carry out core tasks as listed below.
  • Find, recruit, induct and train new volunteers to carry out our core tasks.
  • If all else fails, do some of those tasks yourself.

Priority tasks:

Carry out pest control in our Management area.

  • Trappers and other volunteers are mobilised and co-ordinated
  • Traps are audited and serviced
  • Traplines are maintained
  • Trappers are resourced

Health and Safety

  • Volunteers are inducted, registered and trained.
  • Health and Safety processes are followed.
  • The Health and Safety system is re-visited regularly and updated.
  • Volunteer training is updated in-service.


  • Trapping schedules are created and circulated
  • Monthly reports are written; target audience is TCKC cttee, trappers, and membership.
  • Volunteer correspondence is dealt with.
  • Volunteer Sub-task managers are informed and co-ordinated.

Data Management

  • Manage the MAINS GIS database.
  • Ensure that all trappers’ data are entered on the database
  • Extract and publish summaries of data, and analyse data where appropriate
  • Enter and remove traps, lines, and other data to reflect changes on the ground
  • Store e-materials on TCKC Cloud storage once established

Governance and Strategic (this task group, with the possible exception of volunteer hour collection, is not delegated to volunteers)

  • Attend committee meetings, present monthly report.
  • Attend technical group meetings as required
  • Participate in strategic planning
  • Update and edit the Co-ordinator System File hard copy, with links to E-versions, so that system integrity is maintained, and the job is seamlessly transferrable.
  • Gather and total volunteer hours from trappers, committee and all other volunteers month by month. Submit total monthly hours to Community Ranger, DOC Thames
  • Submit expenses, receipts, service invoices to Treasurer
  • Keep a simple log of hours worked and outputs achieved.

Other Tasks

The following are more ‘open-ended ‘tasks. All are important. Not all can be addressed in the current budgeted hours. If Priority tasks are completed, then address the following according to urgency, and in consultation with the Technical Group convenor and the Chair where appropriate.

  • Find/contact/encourage new volunteers
  • Landowner liason
  • Kiwi Avoidance Training promotion.
  • Education, outreach, publicity.

Applicant Qualities

Passion for the environment, experience with community groups and volunteers.

A well-organised person with an understanding of and respect for systematic approaches to management.

Literate, and comfortable with electronic media and storage.

Good people skills and a good communicator.

Please send CVs to

Applications close Friday 29th December

Thames Coast Kiwi Care

We have created this website to inform people about what it takes to protect our icon - the kiwi.

We want to share our success and progress; and we want to raise awareness about the icon New Zealander's connect with.

Come with us on our journey to grow the small population of Coromandel brown kiwi at Te Mata on the Thames Coast, Coromandel.

The Thames Coast community are working towards sustaining and growing a small population of Coromandel brown kiwi on the Thames Coast by protecting juvenile kiwi from predators. This long term project will also enhance other bird populations.

A grid of 541 DOC200 traps has been installed over 2500ha. The traps are targeting stoats and weasels and are visited and cleaned 16 to 18 times a year by a band of committed volunteers. The community hope that the call of the kiwi will one day be common-place again.